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How To Make More Savings On Your Airport Transfers

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Airport transfers are a godsend for those who want to avoid the hassle of commuting to and from airports. Airport transfer companies take care of the logistics of making sure you catch your flight on time and also that you arrive safely at your final destination once you land.

There are many transport companies offering airport transfer services in many parts of the world, but make sure you book in advance especially during the busy seasons and most especially when you have family travelling with you.

It’s truly the best way to avoid the hassle and frustration of having to flag down taxi cabs that will charge you an arm and a leg just to get you to your hotel or another jump-off point. Negotiating public transport can be tiresome–many cabbies take advantage of your jetlagged situation to up their prices, leaving you with a bad first experience in a vacation you should have enjoyed.

Airport transfer services aren’t all that expensive either, especially when you follow the following tips that will give you more savings.

Use discount codes when booking airport transfers

To get reliable airport transfer services at the best prices, use discount codes when booking. Discount codes for airport transfers, available at voucher websites, offer several transfer options such as private and shared transfers to suit different group sizes and budgets.

To make the most of voucher codes, you can first compare transfer options and prices from different companies, then once you’ve narrowed down your choices you can look for discount codes online. Do the maths to see which service and code combination will work to give you the most savings on your airport transfers, then book away!

One of the best providers of airport transfers at the moment throughout Europe is Hoppa. You can use Hoppa discount codes next time you book your holiday and save while you make a safe and reliable journey to your hotel.


Check out hotel packages that include airport transfers

Many hotels offer airport transfers as part of their promotions for package stays. For instance, hotels can provide free airport transfers when you book four nights or more, so that’s a great deal if you’re planning on staying at least a week there anyway. Some resorts also provide free pickup from airports, so make sure you ask the hotel if they can pick you up once you arrive.

Consider shared airport transfers

To cut the cost of transfers for solo travellers, couples and smaller groups, shared airport transfers are the cheaper and more practical option. By sharing the service, you also share the cost with other passengers. A shared minibus, for example, can accommodate more people and translate to cheaper transfer costs per person.

It may take a little longer to get you to your accommodation considering the transport has to wait for other passengers and that other passengers may be let off first, but if you don’t mind waiting and if you enjoy looking around the city, then shared airport transfers shouldn’t be a problem.

If you’re part of a large group, it’s cheaper and faster to get to your accommodation when you book a private minibus transfer rather than a shared bus transfer. You won’t need to wait for other passengers aside from those in your group, and you’ll be driven straight to your hotel too.