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Great Spots To Go Deep Sea Fishing In The UK

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If you love heading for the open sea and going on deep sea fishing adventures, a trip to the UK’s best fishing spots is highly recommended. There are many fishing marks in the UK that are suitable for beginners and those with previous experience in deep sea fishing. Additionally, many companies offering fishing trips in the UK offer the assistance of an instructor to help you come up with the best catch.

Here are some of the best spots to set sail in the UK for the ultimate deep sea fishing experience!


In Cardiff during winter, you can catch flounder, whiting, blonde rays and cod when you head to the open sea. In other times of the year, you’ll get treated to bass, silver eel, conger eel, rockling, pouting and dogfish. Fishing is done in the Bristol Channel, and fresh catch can be filleted so you can take it home. It’s a 30-40 minute travel into the channel and great fishing spots are easy to come by, especially with the guidance of seasoned fishing instructors.


Boat fishing trips in Plymouth offer experience packages that already come with fishing equipment as well as safety gear, so if you’ve come to the UK looking for a great activity that the whole family can enjoy, simply head on over to Plymouth and avail of guided fishing trips. You can even have your catch prepared and cooked for you at the fishing company’s partner establishment!


Brighton is known to be one of the greatest deep sea wreck fishing venues in the UK, with more than 200 wrecks off the coast of Sussex. From January to April, you can catch pollack and cod, while in the summer months you can also catch ling and conger eel. The best catches are in the summer and autumn, when you can fish for turbot and brill out on the deep sea.


If you’d like to experience catching different types of fish without staying out on a boat all day, you can head on over to Hampshire’s Christchurch Bay. In the summer it’s easy to catch dogfish, mackerel, conger eel, ray, tope and bream. In winter, the main species that swim in abundance in the area are pout and whiting, but you can also catch conger eels, cod, ray and dogfish. Fishing trips in Christchurch Bay are great for beginners and families looking to spend time out on the open sea.


The Brancaster Bay area on the coast of North Norfolk is teeming with marine life and is one of the best tope fishing areas in the world. Aside from fishing, you can also take a tour around the different towns and watch porpoises and seals frolicking in the water.

New Quay

New Quay in West Wales is another great spot for deep sea fishing. Depending on the time of the year you can catch whiting, spur dogs, whiting, ray, spotted dogfish, sea bream, and bull huss, but other species show up from time to time such as bass, dabs, conger eels, plaice, pollack and bass.